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What Signs Should I See for a Roof Leak

What signs should I see for a roof leak from Post Oak Roofing. Checking for evident damage to the roof may be a good starting step in looking for a leaky roof. Are you unable to do this yourself? Possible, you do not have access to the appropriate equipment, such as a ladder. 

So, it is crucial to hire a professional roofer to perform the inspection for you. Keep in mind that a fall from a roof can be fatal; thus, take precautions to avoid it.


Let’s continue describing the exterior signs of the external roof. When conducting a roof inspection, your contractor must keep an eye out for these symptoms.

What Signs Should I See for a Roof Leak? 

  • Shiners

When looking for early signs of a leaky roof, shiners are a good point to start. Usually, in the roofing jargon, roofers refer to those nails that don’t penetrate the framing member as shiners.

Whether it is cold outside, head to your attic to check for this issue. They will be easy to see in your attic because they are typically white. Use a pair of side-cutting pliers to remove them as soon as you spot them.

  • Dirty Soffits

To maintain your home in good condition, you must have adequate attic ventilation. In this sense, roofing systems include soffit vents to provide fresh air to the attic. But, if your soffit is dirty, moisture will begin to form on the roof’s rafters. 

This problem is critical since it can lead to water and structural damage to the home. Sometimes, when homeowners spot this situation, they may think there is a leak in their roofs. 

  • Mud on the Joint Between Exterior Walls and the Roof

Examining the seams between the roof’s edges and the outer walls might also reveal symptoms of roof leaks. Kick-out flashing, which stops water from diverting into the gutters, is the best way to avoid this common source of roof leaks. Unless you install it, the water will run down the wall and potentially into the structure itself.

Having a window or door below a junction makes water flow down the wall much worse. If this happens, water will seep into your home, which is dangerous for you and your family’s health. Therefore, if you cannot install kick-out flashing on your own, you should seek the help of a professional roofer.

  • Buckling Shingles

This is just another clue that your roof requires care. Old roofs with poor underlayment are more likely to suffer from this problem.

Humidity is at an all-time high in the summer, which is harmful for roof decks. Moisture may seep into the roof because the roof deck weakens with time, allowing the shingles to fall off. Did you notice that your shingles are not adhering firmly to your roof? So, it is necessary to contact an expert for roof repair.

  • Shingle Curling 

Regardless of whether your shingles are made of organic or fiberglass asphalt, they will eventually curl due to wear and tear or uneven decking. It appears like the central section of the shingle is sinking due to its curled ends. The shingles will break if the curling continues for an extended period. This issue poses a bigger threat to the structure’s health. 

The best course of action is to replace your roof as soon as you discover curling shingles.

  • Loss of Granules

Normal wear and tear is the typical cause of shingle granule loss. So, weather conditions are responsible for this deterioration process. Granules loosen when the bond between them and the asphalt diminishes over time. Eventually, runoff removes the granules.

However, other factors might also result in the misplacement of granules. Hence, it will be helpful to examine the roof from both a close and afar to find out what is causing it. Look at it from a distance to see if there are any general patterns of damage. Additionally, take a closer look at its surface to get a clearer picture of the problem’s details.

Discovering early external signs of roof leaks is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Indeed, checking your roof for leaks does not require a professional expertise. However, take seriously any early indication of a leaking roof. 

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