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    Metal Roofing Systems in DFW TX

    Metal roofing systems in DFW TX can make your East Texas home’s exterior more beautiful and energy-efficient. Consider a high-quality metal roofing installation for your residential homes. On the other hand, your roof might have been damaged by weather conditions like wind or hail. So, you will want to swap it out with a new one that is more resistant to the elements.

    For your new metal home roofing system, consider a metal alternative instead of a shingle roof. Metal roofs from Post Oak Roofing can protect your house for many years. Besides, they will increase your home value, improve the aesthetics of your property, and enhance the appearance of your neighborhood as a whole. These are just a few of the many advantages of installing or repairing metal on your home.

    Below, you will see why metal might be the right choice when installing a new roof.

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    Advantages of Installing A New Metal Roof System

    The market share of metal roofing systems has quadrupled in the last decade.

    There is a good reason for it.

    Other types of roofs degrade with time, but our top-notch metal can tolerate a lot more harsh conditions without deterioration. Here are a few additional compelling reasons to go for a metal roof over a traditional one. For more than 50 years, metal roofs have demonstrated their ability to function as expected. Meanwhile, they also hold their value, providing several advantages to their owners, such as:

    Interlocking panels provide wind resistance

    High fire resistance to protect your home

    A design that saves energy and keeps your house cooler

    Preservation of structural integrity since it has a lower weight

    Options that match any architectural styles

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    Roofing Panels Designed to Provide an Extra Perk

    At Post Oak Roofing in Allen, and Tyler, TX, your satisfaction is important for us and we focus on surpassing your expectations when working on your home. Thus, when it comes to protecting your house from the elements, we only employ the best metal systems. In addition to the advantages of a good, quality metal, the residential panel 26 gauge is our metal of choice.

    Metal roofing systems have been put to the test in both the residential and commercial business for many years. They have proven themselves in the most extreme environments. Besides, a limited guarantee that lasts for 50 years covers the panels.’ color.

    • The following are a few of the metal roofing benefits:
    • An array of colors to suit contemporary interior design styles
    • Custom color and blends are available thanks to an optional PVDF powder coating
    • Comes with hidden fasteners that are attractive and provide weather-tightness
    • They are coated with either Kynar 500 or Hylar
    • A variety of intricately metal roofing profiles
    • The Hi- R Heat Barrier coatings, even in the darkest tones reflect radiant heat
    • Valley flashing designs that do not clog up.
    • Custom flashings produced in manufacturing facilities
    • Low weights are available, starting at 0.45 pounds per square foot
    • Up to 95% of the material used in its manufacturing is recyclable

    Several Types of Metal Panels for Your House

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    Metal roof panels come in a wide variety of styles and colors for your property. Your preferences, your budget, and your home design will determine the type of metal panel you buy.

    There are a few strong reasons why most people lean towards residential panels. When compared to other forms of metal panels, the residential panel is the most cost-effective. This panel is simple to use and goes well with a wide range of Texas house designs.

    A perma-lok panel secure-seam, mech-seam, or a 5-V metal roofing panel will cost more. They offer superior warranties. Metal panels with standing seams have the advantage of having no exposed fasteners and being on a floating platform, among others.

    In the past, the screws on metal roofs always needed replacement after a few years, which was an issue. There are several reasons why the screws would back out over time, including the metal of the roof expanding. For example, a corrugated metal that is cold in the morning and then warms up over time stresses the fasteners or screws because the metal contracts and then expands. Thanks to the standing seam roof’s ability to adjust, metal expansion on your roof is not a problem anymore. So, this is another feature that makes metal panels an excellent option.

    Our metal roof installation specialists at Post Oak Roofing are well-versed in installing a wide range of roof systems. Moreover, we have a dedicated customer service staff on hand to assist homeowners with any queries they may have.

    Are you still considering your alternatives for a new roof?

    Contact us to learn more about how metal can be your greatest and most attractive home improvement.

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    The five best reasons to install a metal roof

    When talking about the five advantages of building a new metal roof in Northeast DFW and East Texas it is necessary to mention this area’s tough weather.

    A new and complete sheet metal might be the best option for you if you want to make your house more energy-efficient without compromising elegance.

    Metal should be at the top of your list of roofing materials to consider whether you need to replace your roof. No matter the reason, it may be weather damage or simply your want to upgrade to something offering better protection against the elements.

    Metal roofs offer a long lifespan

    The popularity of residential metal roofing quadrupled its share of the roofing industry in the last ten years. So, three important aspects that have contributed to this trend:

    Long-term durability


    Energy efficient

    There are 5 main advantages of installing a new metal roof on your residential home or commercial business, which are listed below. We will take a look at an additional perk of installing a new metal roof.

    1. Enhanced Wind Resistant

    East Texas and the Northeast DFW area may experience strong winds. Besides, when you are at risk from storms, you have to think about what kind of roof can withstand the stress of wind lift. For a metal roof, you will need a lot of interlocking metal panels that go all the way around your roof.

    High winds have less capacity to gust into the roof space because of the solid interlocking of the panels. So, when you install a new metal roof, your house will be less vulnerable to wind damage and leaks.

    2. Enhanced Resistance to Fire

    There is no way to predict when a fire may break out in your home. Likewise, rebuilding your life after a fire may be stressful and challenging, even if you have good insurance.

    However, metal has the added benefit of fire resistance because it is a non-flammable material.

    Besides, it is necessary to dispel a common misconception about metal roofs. Research shows that it is no more susceptible to lightning strikes than other types of roofs.

    3. More Efficient Use of Energy

    Many homeowners are looking for methods to save money on heating and cooling their homes due to the rising costs of electricity. As a result of its energy efficiency, metal may help keep your home cool throughout the warmer months. 

    Thus, having a new metal roof installed, especially in a hot, sunny area, may save you a lot of money. Thanks to metal roofs reflecting properties, they can save between 10-25 percent on cooling bills.

    4. Reduce the Weight Over Your Home Structure

    Metal has a low density when compared to other roofing materials. There is no need to worry about your home’s foundation holding up a new metal roof. Therefore, installing a new metal roof eliminates the risk of compromising your home’s structural integrity due to a heavy roof made of another material.

    Depending on the type of shingle, a single square might weigh up to 250 lbs. Some impact-resistant class 4 shingles can weigh considerably more than a normal heavy shingle.

    5. Several designs to choose from

    Some homeowners concern about their houses seeming out of place in some communities by installing metal roofs. Quality metal comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. In saying this, they have many possibilities to suit any type of home.

    Look at the main types of roofs currently available before making a decision. Various forms of modern metal roofing systems include:

    Residential panels

    Standing seam with no visible fasteners to allow water to flow in and do not leak

    Metal slate and shake to replicate the look of slate and wood shake roofing

    Metal Roofs Offer

    Metal roof panels are available from Post Oak Roofing in a broad range of designs and colors. It does not matter if you want a metal roof for a modern home or something that goes well with a rustic façade; we can help. Every one of our roofing solutions has the objective of protecting your home and family.

    • Other relevant benefits that Post Oak Roofing provides are:
    • Lightweight: Our metal panels start at just 0.45 per square foot
    • Sustainability: Up to 95% of our metal roofing contains recycled materials
    • Coatings like Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 repel water and are long-lasting
    • hI-R Heat Barrier saves energy by reflecting heat away from the home
    • The “No clog” valley flashing design eliminates the hassle of clearing out blockages by debris
    • Weathertight: The concealed fasteners keep rain and wind out without detracting from the aesthetics of your roof.
    • Elegant: A wide range of colors fit modern interior design trends, and optional PVDF powder coating enables personalized colors and mixes.
    • For your peace of mind, we provide a 50-year limited warranty on the color of our metal roofs.

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    Making the Right Decision on Your Home’s Metal Roof Panels

    We chose a 26-gauge residential panel for our roof because of its longevity and other critical features. Most East Texas residents chose this panel because it is an economical option that blends in nicely with the surrounding communities. However, if you prefer something a bit different or require a longer guarantee, you may choose from several models.

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    More expensive metal roof options include:

    • Perma-lok panels
    • Secure seam panels
    • Mech seam panels
    • 5-V panels

    Many of CertainTeed’s metal shingle products are top-of-the-line, such as their superb Matterhorn metal roofing product. The absence of exposed fasteners in a standing seam metal panel can improve the roof’s aesthetic while also reducing the risk of fastener leaks, as previously noted.

    Because the metal roof expands with time and is coupled to a floating deck, there is less chance of the screws falling away. Do you want to minimize the amount of care required on your new metal roof? A standing seam roof may be the best option for you.

    If you have no prior experience with metal roofing, it might be difficult to select the right one for your home. You may have concerns regarding the many varieties of metal roofing that we provide, but our customer service staff is always happy to help.

    Talk to Post Oak Roofing about your alternatives and discover what advantages metal roofing may bring for your house. You only have to contact us now!

    Facts about Metal Roofs

    Conclusion: Installing a new metal roof has several advantages.

    Standing seam panels today have a lifespan of 40 to 70 years, whereas shingle roofs have a lifespan of 12 to 35 years.

    Most asphalt shingles roofs only last 30 to 35 years before they start to look awful. This is true even if the best roofing shingles come with a 50-year warranty from the leading roofing manufacturers.

    Unlike asphalt shingles, flat sheets of metal can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour without corroding or cracking.

    Metal will not spark or burn if struck by lightning or a wildfire.

    Seam panels are more energy-efficient than the majority of shingles, saving you between 10 and 25 percent per year.

    Metal is lighter and will put less stress on your home’s structure.

    Finally, we will talk about something that we briefly mentioned before but is critical going forward. In the United States, shingle roofs generate up to 20 billion pounds of roofing waste each year. Thus, metal roofs may significantly reduce this amount while aiding our efforts to go green. Call Post Oak Roofing today for more information on metal roofing systems in DFW TX.