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Protect Your Roof by Not Doing These Things

Protect Your Roof by Not Doing These Things and call Post Oak Roofing. Frequently, severe storms or other extreme weather events are to blame for roof damage. However, human errors or a lapse in judgment may also damage your roof, having a professional roofer help is sometimes necessary.


Usually, avoidable errors like these result in more grave issues and unplanned expenses. 


We know you don’t want to be caught in this costly trap. So, here are four roof-related actions you should avoid.

Walking on your roof (unless necessary)

Are you about to climb up onto your roof? Before doing it think twice about it. 


Even if you don’t lose your footing, stepping on the roof might harm the roofing structure. Indeed, walking on your asphalt shingles may cause them to crack or dislodged. Also, it can lead to future leaks.


Keeping away from your roof is strongly advisable. But, sometimes, inevitable situations make it impossible. Maybe a storm strikes your area, and you need to clear debris from your roof or blow away piles of leaves. So, if you have to climb onto your roof, remember to use traction-enhancing shoes. Besides, make sure to sweep the debris or leaves under your feet to uncover any wetness that might cause you to slide. To protect your roof by not doing these things, call Post Oak Roofing and we will have our professional roofers deal with your roofing needs.

Patching a leak

Severe weather is one of the most prevalent causes of roof leaks in Florida, among other several reasons. 


Have you ever felt tempted to fix leaks by yourself? You may think you will save money and time by doing so. However, this is a bad idea. Typically, leaks only become worse with time when inexperienced hands try to deal with them.


When a novice attempts to fix a roof damaged by elements, the risk of an accident rises exponentially. Furthermore, this persona may cause more harm than good by failing to address the source of the issue. There is a variety of possible reasons for your leaky roof. It may have leaks due to damaged flashing, broken shingles, poorly sealed valleys, corroded nails, or debris in your gutters.


However, you may avoid more roof leaks by following a few simple measures. Protect your roof by not doing these things and call Post Oak Roofing.

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Letting mold and mildew build-up

There are occasions when what you do to your roof is not as important as what you don’t do. Mold and mildew, as well as black algae, can form on your roof because of rain, wind, and humidity proper of Texas. These elements not only ruin your home’s appearance. Mold, mildew, and tenacious algae can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. 

Contact a professional cleaning service to handle the work for you if you want to keep your shingles clean. This way, you can protect your roof by not doing things things and you will avoid further development. Moreover, by calling a professional contractor, you will seize some significant benefits. 

When you leave this job to the pros, you ensure your roofing system receives a much kinder treatment. Also, the results will last much longer. 

Professionals do not employ chlorine bleach solutions since these result in roof staining, a never-ending washing cycle, and substantial roof damage. In this sense, we use Roof-A-Cide roof cleaner. This EPA-certified fungicide and algaecide avoid roof discoloration.

Additionally, a skilled roofer can identify any other problem with your roof while they are working on it. 

Pressure washing your roof

A major source of roof damage and rapid aging is incorrect cleaning. This involves the use of harsh chemicals and high pressure on the roof repeatedly. 

We have said that you need to maintain your roof clean. Still, there is no reason to use pressure washing over other methods. Protect your roof by not doing these things and call Post Oak roofing to tend to your roofing needs.

It is just basic physics. 

Water erodes rock, and it will do the same with your shingles’ asphalt over time. Thus, consider what the effects of very pressed water might be. Your roof’s lifespan will be drastically reduced because of erosion, and it will cause leaks in your roof.

Therefore, call Post Oak Roofing today at 469-363-6273 to get the guidance of a roofing specialist before making a mistake that puts you on this list. Call if you live in Allen, McKinney, Plano, Tyler, or Dallas, Texas.

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