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    Texas Skylights and Roof Windows

    Every upgrade you introduce to your property tends to increase its value. In this sense, installing new Texas skylights and roof windows in your house will bring you several benefits. This type of improvement will boost your home’s curb appeal.

    However, choosing the right set of Texas skylights and roof windows for your attic is a big decision. So, take time to research your alternatives and learn about the benefits they may offer to your house.

    Post Oak Roofing: The 5-Star Velux Skylight Specialist in Northeast DFW and East Texas

    For the average homeowner, what does it mean to be a Velux 5-Star Skylight Specialist?

    Only companies that specialize in Velux products receive a 5-star rating from Velux. Post Oak Roofing‘s partnership with Velux, the industry-leading skylight brand, ensures our customers that they are working with a true expert in the field.

    Everyone who works for Velux as a 5-Star Skylight Specialist passed this company’s rigorous certification process.

    When it comes to brand recognition and product understanding, Post Oak Roofing is ahead in East Texas. There is no job too big for us since we have extensive training in all Velux Texas skylights and Roof Windows, sun tunnels, and other accessories.

    A benefit of new Velux Skylights is that we can acquire them directly from Velux. This makes the installation services even more expeditious. Look no farther than Post Oak Roofing, the 5-Star Skylight Specialist in East Texas.

    Residents at an East Texas neighborhood used to report leaking or unclean skylights. After all, many of them were built 15 or 20 years ago. We have performed on plenty of residential properties replacing, installing, or repairing projects of a Velux sun tunnel skylight in Northeast DFW and East Texas.

    There are many styles of skylights in the market. You can find dome, flat, circular, and even old Pella models. Regardless of what type of Texas skylights or roof windows there is on your roof, call us if you need someone to fix them.

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    Installing new Texas skylights and Roof windows is far easier than repairing old leaking ones. Therefore, the Post Oak Roofing team created and shares with you the video below.

    We have all the information you need to make an informed decision, whether it is for a skylight leak repair or a roof skylight repair. In this sense, your roofing contractor should be able to demonstrate accurately how they will install a critical and probable troublesome roofing element like a skylight. Ensure you are hiring a good roofing contractor!

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    Watch the Post Oak Roofing Skylight Installation Video

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    Read this five-star Google review after a new Velux Skylight Installation.

    Happy Velux Skylight Client Review


    Customer Satisfaction with Velux Skylights

    Adding Texas skylights and roof windows to your home is mostly for letting in natural lighting. This might help you save money on your utility costs by reducing your dependency on artificial lights.

    Installing Texas skylights or roof windows might enhance the quality of life of your family. Do not forget that natural lighting has a positive influence on mood. Workplaces with windows relate to improved nighttime sleep, according to research. When it comes to sleep and circadian rhythms, natural lighting has a different color balance than most artificial light sources.

    To reap the benefits of fresh air options, go for Texas skylights and roof windows that you can open. By doing so, you will ventilate your house properly. As a result, you will prevent mold and mildew growth while eliminating unpleasant odors.

    Velux’s Advantages Are at Your Disposal with Us

    Velux has been the industry leader in Texas skylights and roof windows manufacture for more than 60 years. This brand has invested extensively in energy-efficient technology and new designs. All this effort looks to sustain the brand’s solid reputation for offering high-quality products.

    Velux always thinks about the convenience of its products’ users. That is why this specific brand is simple to install, open, and maintain. So, you can get the most out of your investment.

    Some homeowners may have concerns about installing Texas skylights and roof windows. Would it result in more noise, drafts, or unwelcome light inside their homes? Luckily, these fears will not turn into genuine issues. When you need a good night’s sleep, you can rest easy knowing that your Velux Texas skylights and roof windows have noise-reducing glazing and a well-fitting blind.

    What do you have to do to obtain such peaceful nighttime? Choose Velux Texas skylights and Roof windows and hire the services of the three-star specialists from Post Oak Roofing for installing them.

    The Velux Fresh Air Skylight is one of the smartest skylights in the company’s product line. What makes it so special? It has a solar panel that absorbs sunshine and utilizes it to give energy to the battery-powered system that regulates the window.

    When recharging is necessary, the battery is ultra-efficient. It only requires a reduced amount of sunlight to recharge. Also, it is completely hidden from view to keep your skylight or roof window looking at its best. With these Texas skylights and roof windows, you will never have to worry about water damage to your home. The reason is that it has an automatic mechanism that closes the unit when raining.

    In comparison to normal double pane glass, the noise-insulating glazing of the Velux fresh Air Texas Skylights and roof windows diminish external noise by up to 25 percent more and up to 50 percent more than a plastic one. These innovative Texas skylights and roof windows feature the dirt-resistant Velux’s neat glass coating which helps to keep them clean for longer. These are designed to be safe and long-lasting. Building regulations in East Texas require them to have laminated glass.

    Flashing kits are also available for Velux skylights. These do not rely on sealants –which tend to degrade over time- to keep water out of your home. Velux flashing solutions are available for nearly every type of roof to ensure that your Texas skylights and roof windows are weather-tight.

    Do you want to get the longest warranty of the roofing industry on Texas skylights ad Roof Windows? Install Velux products by hiring the three stars experts from Post Oak Roofing.

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    Accessories for Texas Skylights and Roof Windows You Need to Have

    Are you planning to install Texas skylights and roof windows? Have in mind that you will need a few extras to get the most out of your money.

    For instance, you may want to give a shady environment to your room for when taking naps or sleeping in. In this case, you will likely want to install a Velux blind to screen sunlight. Currently, there are many electrically powered Velux blinds. With these, you will not need to get out of your chair to open and close them.

    You can even save money on your electricity bills by using solar-powered devices. If you want to operate your sunshades by hand, manual blinds are also available.

    Velux blinds come in over a hundred different colors. From blackout blinds to Venetian blinds, they will allow you to control the quantity of light in your rooms, depending on your needs at any moment.

    With a set of Velux blinds, you will have privacy and energy efficiency. You may even obtain the Velux solar power blinds and earn a solar tax credit if you purchase them. Velux factory-installed blinds can save you money on labor expenses at the worksite.

    To get the most out of your new Velux Texas Skylights and Roof Windows, there are several reasons to include Velux blinds in them. If your skylights are in a difficult-to-reach location, you may want to explore additional accessories such as a mechanism for opening and closing the skylight.

    Check the wide variety of Velux accessories. You will see how you can make yours smarter, safer, and more useful with Velux’s extensive line of add-ons.

    There is a wide variety of Texas skylights and roof windows to choose from at Post Oak Roofing through Velux USA. For those homeowners aware of health, the solar-powered fresh-air skylight is a popular choice. The electric version of the fresh air skylight is also an option: the only additional cost would be to connect the energy. Are you on a tight budget but still like additional light and fresh air? Consider a manual fresh air skylight.

    If you prefer more light, you can call us to install a fixed mount skylight, which is even more affordable than the manual option.

    The best choice is a solar fresh air skylight that is simple to open and utilize. The solar power fresh air skylight captures sunshine and uses it to recharge the battery. Its battery-powered control system is completely hidden. The battery-powered operator is responsible for opening and closing the skylight, and this device incorporates a rain sensor.

    Therefore, you will not have to worry about your house suffering storm damage. If you forget to close the skylight and it starts raining, it will automatically close.

    Frequently, homeowners ask us the question, “How do I know which skylight or roof window is ideal for my home?” By performing a roof inspection with Post Oak Roofing, one of our Three Star Specialists will tell you whether you require a curb-mount or deck-mount skylight installation.

    If the roof of your property has three pitches or less and a low slope, you will need a curb-mounted skylight to let in light.

    On the other hand, the deck-mounted skylight is the most common type of skylight for other types of roofs.

    If your roof has a low slope, a curb mount skylight is necessary for water diversion purposes.

    On a roof with a low slope, water will accumulate on the skylight’s upper end, which might lead to a leak in the future. To make the skylight waterproof, the deck mount raises the skylight above the deck surface.

    Deck mount skylights are ideal for sloping roofs because of their low profile and clean appearance on steeper sloped roofs. Water flows rapidly on steep slope roofs. The deck mount Velux skylights are waterproof and come with a ten-year warranty for the homeowner.

    It is now time to choose between solar, electric, manual, or fixed-mounted skylights. This boils down to personal preference and the amount of money you have available for your project. However, the solar-powered fresh-air skylight with blinds is perhaps the best skylight on the market today.

    After the installation, all you need is a remote control to operate it. If your property has many of them, the remote control can manage them all, or you may have a separate remote for each room.

    Does your home have a flat ceiling? You may think you cannot have a skylight or roof windows on it. Do not worry. You can let sunlight get into your attic. All you need is to build a lightwell in your attic.

    You must hire experienced skylight replacement experts to install a Velux skylight. By doing so, you will ensure proper installation, capturing all the possible light, and avoid future leaks.

    An inadequately constructed lightwell can capture up to 30% less of the available sunlight. You do not want to lose this considerable quantity.

    If your room’s ceiling is flat, it does not mean you cannot get the benefits of a skylight. In this case, a curb-mounted skylight is the best option for illuminating your interior space. Hence, it is possible to direct light from a skylight or a roof window to any room in your home with VELUX skylight light shafts. Besides, using reflecting interior surfaces, the tunnel can deliver light into any region of your home, regardless of obstructions.

    With the help of blinds, half of the customers would like to control the amount of light coming into their homes. People like dramatic effects, and you can add this to a room is by introducing natural light. Natural lighting has a favorable effect on how we see a room.

    You can improve energy efficiency, balance, and privacy in a room by using the Velux skylights with blinds. Indeed, room darkening skylight blinds, double pleated or flat blinds may transform the day into darkness in an instant.

    Do you want to take a nap? Close the room darkening blinds in the room, and it will be completely darkened out. The light filtering blinds softens and diffuses the light entering the room. Usually, places such as kitchens and living rooms require diffused light. Therefore, these spaces benefit greatly from the light filtering blind.

    When it comes to controlling light, a Venetian skylight blind is an excellent choice. There are eleven factory-installed blinds from Velux, and you can choose from several colors. The blackout blinds are available in white, beige, green, gray, and charcoal. The Venetian and light filtering blinds are available in a white, classic, sand, misty brown, exquisite latte, dazzling cappuccino, and filtered white colors.

    You can light up those places that usually are gloomy. For example, light is always a problem in hallways, bathrooms, and closets. The Velux sun tunnel is a great way to brighten up a dark spot of your home.

    An elegant ceiling diffuser blends in and is unnoticed. When using it together with a Velux sun tunnel, they distribute a calming, peaceful light around any space.

    Flexible tunnels make installation simpler but with rigid tunnels, you can get the brightest light. Your local skylight repair company, Post Oak Roofing, suggests the rigid sun tunnel because of the additional light it brings into the space.

    However, because of the non-flexible pipe, you cannot use the rigid in every circumstance. Keep in mind that you will require a direct route from the roof to the room you wish to illuminate.

    When a Three-Star Velux Specialist installs yours with the Velux flashing kit, you get a ten-year warranty. If you have any questions about installation services, do not hesitate to ask your Three-Star Specialist.

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    Do You Need A Skylight?

    Your local Post Oak Roofing or Velux agent in East Texas can answer any of your questions regarding skylights and room windows. With the information we will provide, you can determine whether a skylight is the correct decision for your house.


    Check out the Post Oak Roofing Podcast on Velux Skylights


    We talk about the complete selection of Velux roof windows, skylight systems, and sun tunnels in the Post Oak Roofing podcast.

    Conclusion: Changing Skylights at the Right Time

    Replace your existing skylights as soon as you start installing a new roof. During this stage of the installation process, the roofer already removed the old roof and the deck surrounding the skylights, so it is clean. This is the most convenient and cheapest moment to install new skylights.


    It is easier to apply the right quantity of ice and water protection and synthetic felt around the new skylights if you remove the old shingles first. Velux offers a 10-year no-leak warranty on flashing kits installed according to their recommendations. With the new Velux skylights, there is also a federal tax credit.


    Perfect Installs

    Your roof is your home’s main defense against the elements. Let Post Oak Roofing walk you through the best options to fit your needs and once you feel comfortable with your choice, we’ll handle the complete installation.

    Reliable Upgrades

    If you’re looking to update or upgrade your roofing and gutters, we’ve got you covered. Book a free consultation to discuss all of our residential and commercial roofing options!

    Upkeep & Repair

    Age and environmental factors can wreak havoc on your roof. Ignoring problems for too long can cause headaches down the road. Call Post Oak Roofing and start with a free inspection today!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Skylight

    Is It Necessary to Replace My East Texas Home’s Skylights?

    East Texas is a great region to learn about. Roofs and roofing accessories suffer a lot of wear and tear in Northeast DFW and the whole of East Texas.

    Skylights must be able to withstand the sun’s rays year after year, as well as the torrential rainstorm we regularly experience. So, even if it is not leaking right now, it is a good idea to have a skylight professional do a full check. Remember that most have a lifespan of about 10-15 years.

    What Are the Different Types of Skylights I Can Get for My East Texas Home?

    If you have skylights on your roof, you may choose from a variety of solutions. The conventional 2×2 dome skylights are usually in many Texas homes. But this is one of the most troublesome ones nowadays. Depending on your needs, you may have a permanent skylight, a ventilated skylight, a curb-mounted skylight, or even a Velux sun tunnel.

    My Skylights Are Leaking. Do Skylights Use to Leak?

    Although they do have a history of doing so, the truth is that they do not usually cause leaks in roofs. Indeed, your new Velux Skylights will serve you for many years of leak-free service. Besides, if you purchase one of these skylights -one of the most reputable in the market- and have a professional installing it, you will get a 10-year warranty.

    Can Skylights Resist Hail Damage?

    Hail is not a common occurrence in the East Texas area. But, when it does, the damage may be severe. Velux has an impact-resistant skylight that can withstand the hailstorms in our state. Thus, you do not have to worry about making an insurance claim for hail damage because Velux offers such a great warranty on hail damage breaking.

    My East Texas home has a skylight, and I am always dealing with condensation because of it. How Do I Remove Condensation from My Home?

    With the aid of Velux Skylights, you can minimize and control skylight condensation. Condensation on bathroom skylights is a common problem in East Texas. It will occur continuously because of the temperature differential. To avoid a potential slip and fall incident, Velux skylights have drainage channels built into their design.

    Can Roofers Install Skylights?

    Yes, but you should make sure that any roofer you hire to install your skylights is properly certified and trained. You may believe you are purchasing the greatest one on the market, however, a mediocre roofer may botch it up by not installing it correctly. Your roofer should explain and demonstrate the process of installing your skylights.

    This Video Explains the Installation of a Velux Skylight.

    To properly install Velux Skylights systems, the Post Oak Roofing team must receive the necessary training to do so.

    Do Velux Skylights Protect My East Texas Home from the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays?

    Yes, Velux skylights come with UV protection. Even carpets and floors would become sun-bleached in the early days of skylights. But Velux Skylights has solved this issue, leaving it in the past.

    Is Post Oak Roofing Velux Skylight Installation Process outlined?

    Yes, Post Oak Roofing continuously receives extensive training from Velux. Besides telling you exactly how we will install your Velux Skylight system, we will show you films to demonstrate to you exactly what goes into the repairing or replacing process.

    How Much Does A Velux Skylight Cost In The East Texas Market?

    Post Oak Roofing project managers are the only professionals who can give you an actual quote for replacing or repairing your old skylights. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any skylight issue or circumstance. A variety of factors can affect the cost of a new one. Among these factors are the size of the skylights, their installation, and even the roofing shingles surrounding them.