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3 Reasons Why Keeping Your Roof Clean Is So Important

Post Oak Roofing is giving you 3 reasons why keeping your roof clean is so important. Roof cleaning is no fun – we all know this. There are numerous other things that you might choose to do. However, a dirty and worn-out roof is bad news. After all, roofs add a lot to the aesthetics and the functioning of your home. If you notice that the paint is peeling or the siding of the house is dirty, it spoils the entire curb appeal of the house. We all want our houses to stand out in the neighborhood. To achieve that, it is not only essential to keep the interiors and exteriors of the house clean, but also the roof. Here are some of the most prominent reasons why it is paramount to keep the roof of your clean and protected:


1. Not Just the Dirt 

Debris and dirt are not the only unwanted substances you will find on the roof. If you have been noticing green and dark stains on your roof, it could be due to fungus or lichen growth. These can, in fact, be more harmful than dirt. 

If you notice a black stain, it is more likely to be algae. This kind of bacteria feeds off the limestone and asphalt. Algae thrive in the moist and cool areas on the roof. Not only do algae weaken the structure of the roof, but they can also quickly spread to the exterior, interiors, and even the neighboring houses. 

Another type of organic growth you may notice is lichens. Lichen is a combination of fungus and algae. These appear like plants and are green in color. But they have tentacles that penetrate deep into the base of the shingle for nourishment. Over time, this can result in cracks and structural damage. 

If you live in a region with a rainy climate, you are most likely to come across the moss. These are actual plants that thrive in moist and dark areas (where sunlight is not dominant). 

2. Shingle Damage

While the presence of algae, moss, or lichens may not immediately cause any impact on the roof, in the long run, they can lead to wood rot and shingle deterioration. This can ultimately lead to either expensive repairs or a full roof replacement

For instance, the presence of algae on the roof absorbs extra heat. And this excess heat can bake your roofing shingles from the inside out, drastically reducing their lifespan. On the other hand, the tentacles of lichens can poke the shingles and create pores on them. These marks may grow over time and lead to the eventual collapse of the shingles. 

Further, the moss provides even more danger to the shingles as they cause the edges of the shingles to curl or lift. Additionally, moss can retain moisture which can be even more detrimental during the winters. Due to the high moisture retention properties of moss, it can ultimately lead to wood rot and leaks. Rotten wood is also a breeding ground for squirrels and other animals to chew through it and break the structure even further. 

3. Get Professional Roof Cleaning Services 

As you can see, the consequences of allowing microbial growth on your roof can be catastrophic. While it may seem fun to clean the roof as a DIY project, removal of algae, moss, and lichens effectively, requires special tools and treatment. Professionals use specialized tools that do not harm the shingles while clearing out the growth on them. 

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