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Signs I Need a Roof Repair?

Are you asking yourself if there are any signs I need a roof repair? Commercial roof inspections by Post Oak Roofing are always a great idea as you get a good idea about your roof. However, between these inspections, the homeowners must look out for their roof on their own to check for any damage that might have happened during this period. If you see any of these signs, contact Post Oak Roofing in Texas, and let us look at them.


Interior Damage 

Visible water damage on interior surfaces such as ceilings and walls is a sure sign of moisture getting into a building through the roof. If you see any signs of water damage, contact us as soon as possible. It can take some time for this damage to become apparent.

Bad or Missing Shingles 

In commercial buildings, shingles may be used for aesthetic reasons, and they should be checked regularly. A building with loose or missing shingles is at risk of water damage, so it should be repaired as soon as possible.

The shingles must be flush with the roof. If they’re curled, cracked, or otherwise damaged, your roof’s integrity has been compromised and will require repair.

If the shingles are missing, you must replace them and fill those areas asap.

Clean your gutters twice a year and if there is any storm then clean it before and after the storm. Moreover, always check if there is any shingle obstructing the way of gutters.

Do watch the ice dams and do not let them build on your roof. They can displace the shingles and plywood. 

Cracks or Loose Material 

Sealing around vents or skylights on sloped roofs can be done with roofing cement, while metal flashing is often used on other roofs. Water may enter under a roof if the cement shows cracks, or the flashing is loose. Let Post Oak Roofing repair it for you.

Presence of Algae or Moss 

An algae-covered roof will exhibit discoloration. To avoid damaging the roof, remove it with bleach followed by a low-pressure rinse. Moss or other plants are a more serious problem because they are a sign that moisture is being trapped on the roof over time and will eventually cause damage. Upon removing the moss, inspect the roof for any underlying damage.

Ponding Water 

The problem usually occurs on flat roofs or roofs with very little slope. A pond or small pool of water after rain can lead to water leaks into buildings. Sagging roofs can also indicate underlying structural damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

Visible Sagging 

Especially old roofs with wood rafters are prone to this problem. When sagging becomes apparent, it should be addressed before further damage is done. Flat roofs can also sag if the underlying structure is not properly supported, which will lead first to ponding then eventually leakage or roof failure.

Some Other Reasons

You need to repair cracks in the ceiling if the sun has recently been streaming into your attic through cracks in your ceiling. It is simple, if the sun rays can enter through the roof and peak into the attic, then rain and snow can do the same which will be a problem for you. This means you need to cover those exposed areas of your roof.

If the shingles on your roof are changing shape, which means they are curling or folding, then you need to get them inspected or replaced. The shingles which are no longer lying flat on the roof need to be protected and replaced as they can become a weak point for the water to penetrate.

For all your commercial roof problems, or to obtain a quote on a roof replacement or new construction, contact Post Oak Roofing today at 469-363-6273! We service areas in Allen, Tyler, Plano, McKinney, and DFW, TX.