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    Asphalt Residential Roof Replacement

    Any roofer could do an asphalt residential roof replacement. But, will they do it correctly? That is the question.

    Your roof is a critical component of your house. After all, it provides shelter for your home and family against the weather elements. Also, it is a significant investment. So, when installing a new asphalt roof, you should ensure that your roofing contractor is following proper installing procedures for every square foot of your roof.

    In this sense, we will go through several communication strategies for working with your roofing contractor when installing a new asphalt roof. Besides, we will provide you with a handy roofing pre-work checklist to help you prepare for the roofing crew’s arrival.

    The Post Oak Roofing team worked together with the CertainTeed Corporation to create a video that will show you exactly how your new roof should be installed. You can see it online and check if your contractor is performing the job correctly.


    Have a look at this video to see how Post Oak Roofing handles every new roof installation.

    Asphalt Residential Roof Replacement: Techniques for Doing It Right

    The life of your new asphalt roof starts in Tyler and Allen, Texas, where CertainTeed has its factory. This corporation produces the best roofing materials in the United States. CertainTeed will manufacture your premium asphalt shingle brands. Then a distributor will deliver your roofing materials plus other accessories for your entire roof at your home. It will arrive the day of or the day before the installation is planned to start. Factors such as the weather or your home location may change this.

    When we talk about a new asphalt roof installation, we refer to the following things:

    At Post Oak Roofing, we start our work by tarping your house to catch any stray pieces of material from your roof that may fall. Then our crew will tear the old roofing felt and old asphalt shingles from your deck and haul them away. It is essential to do this if you want to determine whether your deck has any decaying wood.

    Is your contractor not removing the old asphalt shingles and felt? Ask them why. Some non-professional roofers take these shortcuts to save time and labor costs. Obviously, this is not convenient for you.

    Installing drip edges around the eaves and rakes of your home is the next step once we have cleaned up the roof deck. The drip line, also known as the eave flashing, runs every square foot of the roof.

    The drip edge protects your home’s eaves by directing water away from the fascia. This will prevent the fascia from decaying over time after a new asphalt residential roof replacement.

    After installing the drip edge, our team will add the ice and water, as well as fresh synthetic felt.

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    Perfect Installs

    Your roof is your home’s main defense against the elements. Let Post Oak Roofing walk you through the best options to fit your needs and once you feel comfortable with your choice, we’ll handle the complete installation.

    Reliable Upgrades

    If you’re looking to update or upgrade your roofing and gutters, we’ve got you covered. Book a free consultation to discuss all of our residential and commercial roofing options!

    Upkeep & Repair

    Age and environmental factors can wreak havoc on your roof. Ignoring problems for too long can cause headaches down the road. Call Post Oak Roofing and start with a free inspection today!

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    WinterGuard by CertainTeed is the ice and water product we use at Post Oak Roofing. Moreover, every plumbing pipe boot, valley, vent stack, and chimney will have a WinterGuard installed to keep out the humidity. Thus, this self-healing waterproof layer shields your roof’s weak spots from water damage.

    The synthetic felt which is a type of shingle material comes next. The CertainTeed Corporation’s Roof Runner is the roofing system Post Oak Roofing uses. CertainTeed manufactures the utmost roofing felt in the market. In your home eaves, this synthetic felt goes over the drip edge and under the drip edge of the rakes. This part of your roof extends up to the ridge.

    CertainTeed recommends installing felt over the drip edge and the eve of your home. So, if any water does get through your shingles, it will run down and off your house’s edge, instead of under the drip edge. This way you will avoid fascia and soffit rot, decay, and the possibility of a ton of leaks.

    By placing the felt under the drip edge, the rain will not get under the felt if the wind blows it underneath. This is a particularly weak section of your home.

    Some roofing contractors look for cutting corners in the initial phases of the roofing installation. Their purpose is to provide lower bids and low costs by not utilizing synthetic felt and not employing any ice and water barrier.

    After installing the felt, your roofer should place the starting course of shingles. The CertainTeed SwiftStart starter shingle will go along your house’s eave, protecting this vulnerable part of your home.

    Be attentive here since it is just one more way that roofers will try to cut labor costs. Indeed, some roofing companies use a conventional 3-tab roofing shingle. They cut it and turn it back to use it as a starting shingle.

    What is wrong with this? Well, the initial layer of shingles will not have adhesive, so this will cause wind-blown rain to be an issue.

    You may ask any respectful contractor about their installation method and they should explain to you the procedure they follow. A reputable roofing contractor will provide you with video evidence.

    Now, the moment of installing the field shingles arrives. It is the most important step. A 50-year warranty may cover the CertainTeed Landmark line roofing shingles if a Select Shingle Master roofing contractor installs them. Think about it; If CertainTeed did not have faith in their asphalt shingles, they would not offer such a long-lasting warranty.

    Find out about our 5-Star Roofing Warranty by contacting us today. The 5-Star guarantee from CertainTeed is the finest in the business when it comes to roofing protection. Your mind will be free of concerns about your East Texas or Northeast DFW house with this added security.

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    Until now, we have covered the following stages of your asphalt residential roof replacement:

    • The crew cleaned the roof deck

    • They replaced all the rotten wood

    • They installed the drip edge

    •  The ice and water shield installation was completed

    • The synthetic felt is in place

    • The starter shingles were installed

    • The contractor installed the field shingles

    Now, it is time to cut out the ridge vents and install our hip and ridge asphalt shingles

    You must ensure that the ridge keyway on your roof is correctly cut out. The proper functioning of your roofing system will depend on that. Besides, after cutting out the keyway, your roofer should install the CertainTeed ridge vent.

    As a standard, we at Post Oak Roofing install the CertainTeed 12” ridge vent. As a result, your roofing system will perform its function properly and keep your attic cool. The longer your asphalt shingles endure and the better they work, the more value you will get from your new roof.

    The hip and ridge asphalt shingles are the final roofing components to fit after the complete replacement of the ridge vent. At Post Oak Roofing, we use hip and ridge asphalt shingles from CertainTeed.

    Now, make sure everything is clean and returned to its original location.

    Finally, you have installed the best roofing system available! So, we can call your roofing project a success!

    To ensure that there are no loose nails in your yard, Post Oak Roofing will examine your lawn and flowerbeds one more time using industrial strength magnets to ensure the old material of your roof is put away for disposal.

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    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for an Asphalt (Residential Roof Replacement)

    1. When will my roofing material arrive?

    Usually, your roofing materials will arrive the morning of or the day before your new roof installation. This delivery will depend on where your property is located and the weather forecast.

    Please consider possible equipment malfunctions or traffic delays when estimating your delivery date.

    2. Will Post Oak Roofing cover my landscaping?

    Yes, we will keep your flowerbeds and other landscaping safe from damages. We will set up tarps where the disposal of the old roof is necessary.

    3. When it comes to cleaning up, how do you operate?

    We will be cleaning as we go during the complete roofing procedure. To finish the job, we will remove all tarps and load them into our debris trailer then sweep the yard and flower beds one more time.