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Most Frequently Asked Roofing Questions Answered

Most frequently asked roofing questions answered from Post Oak Roofing. Your roof is your protective shield against nature’s unexpected forces. This means blazing sun, driving rain, and fierce winds in the south of our country. Thus, it is better not to wait for obvious symptoms of deterioration (we mean leaks or stains) before acting on your home’s roof.

In this sense, homeowners usually have doubts and concerns about how to take care of their roofs. But don’t worry, here we bring you the answers to four questions homeowners often ask concerning roofing.


Does My Roof Need Gutters? 

Protecting your home from water splashing and backup from the heavy rain is critical. So, gutters are an essential part of that protection. Besides, you will want to have them placed on any second-floor or raised roof sections that drain onto other parts of your roof.

Because of this concentrated water flow, shingles might lose their mineral surface early and expose the fiberglass or asphalt foundation to direct sunlight. Hence, it causes the shingles to become weak and thin and possibly even break.

It is critical to ensure proper gutter installation regardless of where you place them. With proper installation, water will not seep under the shingles. Rot, leaks, and other issues can result if water collects beneath shingles.

Can I Use a Diverter to Prevent My Doorway from Becoming Wet When Raining?

A diverter is a long, parallel to the shingles, piece of flashing placed near the edge of the roof that prevents water from rushing off towards the doorway, making the rainwater flow to each side instead.

Frequently, they are installed as an alternative to gutters. However, they are even more troublesome. An edge diverter acts like a dam, delaying or preventing water from dripping down your roof. When water runs smoothly and quickly over the shingles, they are effective. But wood rot can occur if water pools on your roof and reaches weak sections.

My Shingles Appear to Be Stained. How Can I Clean Them?

If you notice dark blue-green streaks and spots on your roof’s shingles, don’t panic. Algae, a common problem in humid and hot areas, is most likely to blame. Even though algae is not harmful to your roof’s shingles or structure, it may be an eyesore. 

You may clean the shingles with a gentle spray of bleach and water, diluted to a 1:1 ratio. Using bleach can kill the algae, but it won’t stop it from growing again. Besides, any runoff that makes its way to your lawn might harm the grass and other plants there. 

Instead, use a fungicide or algaecide licensed for use on roofs, such as Roof-a-Cide®. With only a gentle spray, the algaecide will destroy the algae, and it won’t grow again on your roof for some years.

Whatever method you choose, make sure it is not a pressure washer, which can harm the shingles and algae.

Why Are Some of My Shingles Sliding Out?

If the shingles are not correctly installed, they will come loose. Possibly, a certain nail line may have been overlooked because of shoddy craftsmanship or a lack of knowledge. A high, slope roof with hefty architectural grade shingles worsens the issue. 

If your roof is losing shingles, fix the issue as soon as possible. But replacement is the only method to ensure that the problem doesn’t recur.

Also, shingles can become displaced from their original location on the roof, owing to incorrectly installed or overdriven fasteners. Band workmanship like this may cause a weak or nonexistent connection to the roof deck.

What is the best way to fix shingles that slide off the roof? Use a utility knife to cut away or remove damaged shingles. Then, use roofing cement to repair any holes or tears in the roofing paper. Using a trowel and a damp towel, apply roofing cement and wash it off. Finally, replace the old shingles with new ones. 

Don’t forget that roofing jobs are risky. So, letting these tasks into professional hands is a wise decision.

Please, consult with a knowledgeable roofing expert to establish the best solutions for your roof and reduce your future costs.

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