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7 Signs You Picked a Bad Roofing Contractor

Post Oak Roofing gives you the 7 signs you picked a bad roofing contractor. Most professionals who are renowned for their exceptional quality products and services are trusted experts in their respected field. And when it comes to roofing, a well-established roofer can help you dramatically boost the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your home with a durable and stunning roofing system that will last for years to come. Unfortunately, finding such a contractor is an uphill task especially if you’re new to roofing. 

That’s why when choosing a residential roofing contractor for your project, you should be able to see the red flags or warning signs so that you won’t end up selecting an incompetent or fly-by-night contractor for your job.


To help you protect your roofing investment, our experts have listed 7 signs you picked a bad roofing contractor:

1. Roofers with No Prior Experience in Your Area 

This is usually the first big red flag you’ll notice when interviewing a storm chaser or a fly-by-night contractor. These contractors usually set up their shops after a major storm and offer enormous discounts to attract as many homeowners as possible.

They usually target gullible customers who have no or little knowledge about roof repairs or replacements. They approach them with an emotional pitch and extremely low prices. That’s why it’s so important to check their work history before making any kind of investment.

2. Roofers Using High-Pressure Sales Tactics 

Though most residential roofing experts try to close clients as soon as possible, trusted contractors will always make sure that you’ll have the last word. In fact, they will encourage you to check out other roofers in the area so that you can make a well-informed decision for your roofing project. On the contrary, if a contractor makes you feel uncomfortable by being unnecessarily rude if you mention anything about other roofers, don’t waste any more time with them.

3. Not Sufficient Customer Testimonies and References 

The most effective way to advertise a business is with word-of-mouth or the experience of previous clients. If a roofer fails to show any references, we highly recommend you choose someone else.

4. No Online Presence

While a decade or so ago, it was not considered a red flag, in today’s era when most people search for professionals online, the absence of any online presence can be a deal-breaker.

Most of the trusted and well-established roofing contractors have online presence. Even if they’re not tech-savvy, their satisfied customers usually leave reviews on Google or other trusted platforms. Checking online reviews is also a good way to avoid any fly-by-night roofers.

5. Estimate Is Significantly Lower Than Others

If a roofer gives you a very low estimate, especially when compared to other roofing companies in your area, consider it as a warning sign. Most well-established local roofers will give you almost similar estimates for materials, labor, etc. This is also true for financial and payment terms that are significantly different from other contractors. 

6. Roofers That Accepts Only Cash

If any contractor doesn’t give you multiple options or refuses to assist you in your insurance claims, go in the opposite direction. This contractor doesn’t look like a legitimate roofer, so they don’t want to leave any paper trail. 

7. Damage Not Mentioned by Other Roofers

If you receive an estimate that lists some major damage not reported by any other contractor, proceed with caution. While in some cases other contractors might miss this damage, it is highly likely that this contractor is exaggerating the damage to mint more money. It is better to stay away. 

The Way Forward

At Post Oak in Allen, Tyler, Plano, McKinney, and DFW, TX, we believe in empowering homeowners and businesses with the right roofing knowledge so that they can make a well-informed decision regarding their homes and their roofs. For more guidance, get in touch with our experts at 469-363-6273 and schedule a FREE inspection today.